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Launch marinemotion TV on your site and be included in our directory!


+ $9 p/mo

Contribute unlimited multimedia programs to the marinemotion® channels open to you


+ $39 p/mo

Develop FRESH NEW CONTENT in powerful multimedia presentations that appear on your website, our website and other sites you're networked with


+ $49 p/mo

Integrate marinemotion with your website, or let it BE your website

Get the station that is right for you:

Keep people on your website longer! Install MMtv on your website and share the boating news from around your region, or around the world! We'll even include your website in our directory,linked to your website.

Add the ability to contribute unlimited multimedia programs to the marinemotion® channels open to you. We’ll brand your station with your logo and your profile. When viewers launch your station they will see the content you share to the marinemotion® Network, and be able to explore everything we include.

Our standard Network Station is completely customized to your business and we’ll even set up your branding and 3 initial channels and programs to get you started. From there, you can add as many as you need. Your Network Station lets you push your programs to Marinemotion® and any other Station your connected to on the marinemotion® Network. Includes our “TV remote” capability so you can deploy your Station on your website, or any website you have script access to.

Customize your Page View to integrate seamlessly with your current website, or let your Station serve as a website in it’s own right. Include video or carousel headers, a custom front page, your Facebook feed, or much more. It’s website that includes all the functionality the Marinemotion® platform has to offer. *Custom pages allow you to include forms, calendars, and anything else you can think of. This powerful addition turns your Network Station into a marketing powerhouse.