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marinemotion® has been sailing along for more than 20 years, navigating the marine industry marketing waters. Our goal is to help you build your business or purpose through great story telling, no matter what the medium.

We began with a focus on advertising production and corporate magazines for marine companies. As technology and the internet have grown, so have we. Multimedia content is more sophisticated and powerful, and the reach and interactivity of the internet and devices ever more ubiquitous. From copywriting to publishing, video and graphics and now 3D content, marinemotion® keeps growing with the times.

Regardless of the technology though, the basics of telling a good story haven't changed since we all sat around campfires creating the origin of the oral tradition. Engagement and a call to action are key. We invariably find the reasons your mission is the one to engage with, and help you tell the world why they should engage with you. Tell a better story, to more people, in more places.

Please contact us contact us for a conversation about the direction of your marketing, and how we might be able to partner with you.

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